Who are we?

We are the baby scanning experts.

Take A Peek 3D are St.Helens first and only fully diagnostic baby 2D 4D and HD scanning centre. Take a Peek baby scans is just off the East Lancs Road; ideally located for Wigan, Leigh, Widnes, Ormskirk, Southport, Blackburn, Chorley, Preston, Bolton, Manchester and Liverpool. We feel our prices are competitive, fair and reflect the quality of care we provide through our diagnostic 3D/4D baby scans.  Quite simply, we know we are the best at what we do. 


Expectant Couple
Pregnant Woman

Our Services

A 2D scan from 6 weeks to confirm your pregnancy. We can calculate your due date, check the number of babies and check for a heartbeat. You will need a full bladder for this scan. You will receive a report and 2 thermal prints.

We also offer an internal scan for early pregnancy 

Sexing of baby from 14 weeks. Free sneaky peek in 4D/HD. Our sexing scans are 99.99% accurate at 14wks. Includes reassurance check of early development of baby. Includes 2 b/w thermal prints. 

A 2D reassurance or sexing scan from 14weeks to check for a heartbeat and to sex baby if required. Images can be purchased separately. Performed from 14wks. Availability on Thursdays /Fridays ONLY. No measurements or early development check are performed with this scan. Extras include pictures, confetti cannons, gender reveal balloons and heartbeat bears. 

A sexing scan in 4D/HD from 14 weeks with 2 glossy photos included.  (We can also give you an envelope with the sex of baby if you prefer not to find our there and then) . Our sexing scans are 99.99% accurate at 14wks. Includes reassurance check of early development of baby

A 4D/HD combined scan which can be performed up to 35 weeks. The best time to come is between 28 to 31 weeks. We check baby's growth and well being too. Two glossy photos are included. We offer a number of package options for your scan. Have a look at OUR SCANS tab for package options.

Gender Reveal Balloon in a gift box £20

Confetti Cannon £15

Small Heartbeat bear £15

Large Heartbeat bear £25

USB £25

DVD £30

Range of frames from £10

A 2D Scan to check the growth, fluid, placenta and well-being of your baby. Includes two b/w thermal prints.

From £60

For those ladies who would like to know the gender of their baby from 6 weeks.
This is a simple blood test done at Take A Peek which is then sent away to reveal the gender of baby with 99.99% accuracy.
Our lovely Midwife Nikki takes a simple blood test in a clinical environment to reduce contamination and ensure accuracy of results. The sample is sent off and you receive your results directly from SneakPeek by email in approx 7 days. 
This test will ONLY tell you the sex of baby and does not look for any chromosome abnormalities or at baby's health.

This can be combined with an early scan to ensure you are at least 6 weeks when your blood test is performed.
£129 blood test
£189 blood test and early dating scan
Ring us on 01744 610417 for more information.



We offer dating scans from 6 weeks, sexing scans at 14 weeks and a range of 4D/HD scans during your pregnancy. You can be safe in the knowledge that here at Take A Peek we are all fully qualified, medically trained Sonographers, the primary purpose is to provide the highest quality ultrasound service in a safe, calm and caring environment.

Due to lifting of Covid restrictions you may bring whomever you like to accompany you to your scan. We have four chairs in the scan room, additional guests may stand. Younger guests are welcome too.

We have a free car park around the back of the premises for your convenience.

We can welcome customers in to Take A Peek in a safe and controlled environment. There are still measures in place to keep both our staff and visitors safe and we ask that you take advice from our receptionists on arrival as to how to keep you safe during your time with us.

We are Leigh, Sharon and Nicky. We jointly own and run Take a Peek. We are an diagnostic independent scanning clinic and take great pride in operating a personal relaxing family orientated service for you and your family.

We guarantee you will be scanned by one of the UK qualified Sonographer owners, either Nicky, Sharon or Leigh. As you are scanned by one of the owners we can ensure the scan is of the highest quality.

Take A Peek is registered, and therefore licensed to provide services, by the Care Quality Commission. Click on the link for our latest report from the CQC - report.  For more information, visit www.cqc.org.uk.

Check your scan is performed by a qualified sonographer.  Some clinics employ technicians who may not have the same high level of training and skills as others.

The three of us maintain the quality of our service by providing you with the sort of service we ourselves would hope to receive in the same circumstances. We all still work in the NHS to maintain our skills and keep up to date with changes in the profession. Our aim is to provide a relaxing stress free environment in which you and your friends and family can come and meet baby.

Between us we have over 55 years obstetric ultrasound experience!

If you at any time feel you need to contact us to express concerns or questions about your scan experience, we will be happy to discuss any concerns or queries you may have. You can either ring us directly on 01744 610417 and ask to speak to Nicola Gibb, or email us at info@takeapeek3d.com.


Please see our separate drop down tabs for information on privacy, booking and chaperone policies.

Our Receptionists Lynsey, Lisa or Georgia will be happy to take your calls and book you an appointment, they can advise you on the best time to come for your scan. They will help to answer any questions you may have about your scan.

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What your visit involves


On your arrival, our Receptionist will ask you to sanitise your hands, and give you a face mask for when you are in the scan room, then ask you to complete a consent form and select your scan package.

Once you have handed your paperwork to us, you can make yourself comfy in our spacious waiting room. You will then be taken into our scan room by either  Sharon, Leigh or Nicky for your scan. You may bring friends and family members with you who are very welcome to join you in the scan room. 

We have a flat screen TV mounted on the wall so you can clearly see the scan

Your scan

You will then lie on the examination couch and you can then watch baby on the large flat screen TV mounted on the wall in front of you. We can show you how baby is lying and you can hear baby's heartbeat.

We can then see what your little one is up to and see their features and expressions. 

We will also measure baby to ensure they are growing properly.

If you have chosen a heartbeat bear, we record the heartbeat onto a module to be placed inside the bear of your choice.


After your scan, you will be asked to have a seat back in the waiting room, while we print out your images and depending on your package, prepare your report, USB or any extras you have chosen.

If you have chosen a 4D/HD package, you will be able to now select your own pictures for printing.

if you would like any extra items such as a heartbeat bear, confetti cannon, reveal balloon, extra images, key-rings or framed pictures, we can get these ready for you to take away

Show off

That's it! You can go home and show off your scans to your friends and family!

We will print your images, get your bear, confettli cannon, frames, USB, keyrings etc ready for you so you can take them away with you on the day.

Take A Peek 3D
31-33 Lynton Way
St Helens
WA10 6EQ

Email: info@takeapeek3d.com
Tel:  01744 610417


We are currently scanning 6 days, our reception is open 6 days a week, but closed on Bank/Public Holidays. 

Our opening hours are:

Monday              9am till 8pm

Tuesday              3pm till 8pm

Wednesday        Closed 

Thursday           12pm till 5pm

Friday                 9am till 5pm

Saturday            9am till 5pm

Sunday               9am till 5pm

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