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qualified sonographers

When can i come?

We can scan you from 6 weeks until term.

We can perform an early dating scan to confirm your pregnancy from 6 weeks onwards.

We are able to sex baby in 2D from 14 weeks.

We are able to perform 4D sexing scans from 14 weeks onwards. Our sexing scans are 99.99% accurate.

The best time to have a 4D or HD scan is usually from 28 weeks up to around 32 weeks when baby has grown and is getting bigger by the day. We can perform reassurance/growth 4D/HD scans from 24 weeks. So it is up to you when you would like to come.

We are able to scan up to 35-37 weeks as long as baby is in a good position and does not have his or her head engaged.  At this stage though, baby is usually running out of room and you will be unlikely to see the full face and features of baby.

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