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BlueorPink Early Gender Detection

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

We are excited to be working with a UK company to offer a blood test from 6 weeks which can determine the gender of your baby. We are the only baby scan company in the country offering this UK based service. A small sample of blood is taken by Nikki our Midwife Sonographer here at Take A Peek, this ensures it is taken in a clinical environment with no contamination, which ensures accuracy of the result. You will receive your results directly by email in approx 3 days. The test costs £115.

It can be booked on-line or give us a ring on 01744 610417 to book your appointment

The Science

The BlueorPink Early Gender Test looks for Y chromosomes in the fetal DNA found in the expectant mum's blood sample. If the mum's blood has male (XY) chromosomes its a boy, and if it has female (XX) then it's a girl.

It is safe, proven and scientifically proven with 99.9% accuracy.

Click the button to take you to the booking page

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