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What your visit involves


On your arrival, our Receptionist will ask you to complete a consent form and select your scan package.

Once you have handed your paperwork to us make yourself comfy in the waiting area.  You will then be taken into our scan room by either  Sharon, Leigh or Nicky for your scan. If you have brought family members with you, they are very welcome to join you in the scan room. We have 5 chairs in the scan room, positioned so everyone can see the flat screen TV.

Your scan

You will then lie on the examination couch and you can then watch baby on the large flat screen TV mounted on the wall in front of you. We will first show you how baby is lying and you can hear babys heartbeat. We can then see what your little one is up to and see their features and expressions.  We will also measure baby and perform a series of diagnostic checks to make sure baby is ok.

If you have chosen a heartbeat bear, we record the heartbeat onto a module to be placed inside the bear of your choice.


After your 4D or HD scan, you can then select your own images that you would like printing out. This is often the most difficult, but fun part, deciding which pictures you would like.


If you have selected a 2D scan, the Sonographer will select the best images to print off for you.


At this time, if you would like any extra images, key-rings or framed pictures you can select your images to go in these too.

Show off

That's it! You can go home and show off your scans to your friends and family!

We will print your images, get your bear, confettli cannon, frames, USB, keyrings etc ready for you so you can take them away with you on the day.

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